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In the night

Under China's light

Lives a thing that is not right

Not right in the brain

Not right in the rain

So insane

In Germany we go afar

To the thoughts and powers

Of the strongest within

To the scars of the thing

That do not end.

No matter what

We will not fear

For the titanic is built

And I will hide

Under its pier


Now we are aboard

But not in fear

Because we know

We are safe in here

We do not know

What we face ahead

But we do know that

It is not safe

To be sleeping in bed

To be sitting here

Afraid and confused

Are all of our worries

Put together and fused

We do know

That we could die

But we do not know

That we must

Catch that spy


Here we go

We are close to our end

We have been over run

But we can't demise

But we cannot defend

Although we cannot fight

We still have a way

To stand up and say hooray

But it will not happen

Not today

For we must stop

And not stay

We must jump

But we must not fear

As our life will end here