Bunkelman Bulletin

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Welcome Back to 4th Grade

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome both you and your child to my classroom. Through our combined efforts, I hope to make this school year one that is marked by personal and academic growth for your child.

I hope to create a classroom where students are able to learn and explore new topics. Students will be able to develop their knowledge by using critical thinking skills. I hope to incorporate teaching strategies, which will allow students to “create” and experience the learning environment. Students will be working with their peers in cooperative learning groups, Guided Reading, Literature Circles, Writing Workshops, Einstein Kits, and much more. Students will have opportunities to learn and explore through the integration of technology.


Students received iPads last week. Students have been so motivated to work on their new devices. I am excited to integrate the iPads into each of the curricular areas. We will start off slowly by integrating the iPads into math. We are going to start Internet Safety lessons next week. Students will also begin to familiarize themselves with Google Applications such as Google Docs, Google Surveys, and Google Presentation.


Often time homework is an issue that concerns parents and students. Normally, any work that is not completed at school is considered to be homework. An assignment notebook has been provided to help aid your child in assuming responsibility for his/her work. It is my hope that this will assist to reduce late and missing assignments and provide you with the opportunity for discussion of current units of study at home. Students need to bring their assignment notebooks home nightly, allowing you to see what is being done at school. Students know that it is their responsibility to have a parent’s signature in their planner when they return to school the following morning.

All student homework is to be turned in on time. If an assignment is not completed at the time that it is due, the student will be asked to stay in for recess. They will receive a “Responsibility Log” for homework that is not completed. Students have a box that they will check in their assignment notebook indicating that they received a Responsibility Log. Please sign the Log located in the front of their planners. At times it may also be necessary for the child to call mom or dad to let them know about their missing assignments.

At times, situations arise which make it difficult to complete assigned work. If such a situation should arise, please send a note with your child or send me an email explaining the circumstances and I will be happy to provide an extension. The missed assignment will then be considered excused late work and should be brought back to school the following day. If your child was absent he/she has two days from the first day of illness to complete missed work with one extra day given for each additional absence.

At Home Reading

Each month students will bring home a Ship's Log. Ship's Logs are used to "log" total minutes read each night. Students are asked to read 20 minutes each and every day. I ask that once students complete their reading for the evening, they ask mom or dad to initialize their log. I check the Ship's Log and Assignment Notebooks each morning.


The afternoon hours can get very long when your child’s stomach is growling. Due to the long afternoon, students are welcome to bring in a healthy snack. Students brainstormed healthy fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains that they could bring for snack time. Some snack ideas are apples, bananas, strawberries, grapes, yogurt, pears, dried fruit, carrots, string cheese, whole grain crackers, etc.

Your child may also have a water bottle at school. It is important that your son or daughter fill up their water bottle first thing in the morning and/or at recess times.

Upcoming Events

  • 9/17/13 MAP Testing- Reading
  • 9/24/13 MAP Testing- Math
  • 9/20/13 Early Release (Thursday Schedule)
  • 10/4/13 Early Release (Friday Schedule)


You play a major role in helping your child reach the maximum of his or her potential. Research in child development shows that most of a child’s intellectual development takes place outside of the classroom. Therefore, children learn from their first and most important teachers- their parents. By working together, I believe we can help your child become the best person possible- socially, emotionally, and academically.

If you have any questions about your child’s school year please feel free to contact me at school at 662-8814 between 8:00am and 8:30am, after school, or via e-mail at karabunk@hssd.k12.wi.us.

I look forward to this school year with both you and your child.


Mrs. Kara Bunkelman