Mrs. Miskelley's Dream Team News

January 11, 2016

Dear Parents-

Happy New Year! I hope that all of you had an enjoyable Christmas holiday filled with family, fun, and lots of food. I want to thank everyone again for all of the wonderful gifts and goodies you gave me before our break. You truly are a wonderful group of parents, and your generosity has been a blessing.

I am looking forward to this second semester of learning. I am here to encourage and support your child as we move forward into more challenging areas of our curriculum. As always, I appreciate your support and help, Together we can make this a successful school year for your child.

New Year's Resolutions

1) Use kinder words.

2) Choose not to be mad when someone does something you don't like.

3) Stand up for our friends.

4) Show kindness to others.

5) Read 3 books a day in class.

6) Practice math facts every day.

7) Be respectful.

8) Learn something new every day.

Important Dates

January 18 - Martin Luther King Jr. holiday - School closed

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. "

Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 26 - (Tuesday) - Save the Date!

Coffeehouse Poetry Special Event - more details to come soon!

Special Notes


New weekly homework folders will come home beginning this Friday. All homework for the week can be found in the folder.

The folders will be collected every Friday and returned with the next week’s homework the same day.

Reading logs are now included on the homework sheet.

Cold Weather

The weather continues to be cold. The students enjoy going outside for recess, so please have your child dress appropriately for the weather. Jackets are needed, and hats and gloves are good options.Please, please be sure to label ALL of your child's belongings with his/her name.

Good Citizen

Maurissa Elmore is our MVP

this week! She is such a delight

to have in our classroom. She is hardworking

and kindhearted! Way to go Maurissa!

January Birthdays

Titus Blakely - January 8

Jacob Smith - January 17

Henry Donaldson - January 26

Lilly Coley - January 30

Weekly Learning

Reading: Our emphasis for the next 9 weeks will be learning how to distinguish important from unimportant information in nonfiction books. I’ll use various features of non-fiction books (photographs, captions, maps, the index, etc.) to help them get the most from their reading. RI1.1, RI.1.5, RI1.6 ,RI.1.9

Writing: We will be writing poetry for the next several weeks. The students have been learning to write many different types of poems. We are focusing on various elements of language- nouns, verbs, adjectives, synonyms, similes, etc. – as we write our poems. W1.2, W1.8

Math: As we continue our work with addition and subtraction math facts, your child will also learn about place value, which provides the foundation for learning to "carry over" or "regroup" when adding or subtracting multiple-digit numbers. To help kids understand the concept of the 1's, 10's and 100's place, a common strategy is to use a bundle of straws or Popsicle sticks to represent each place. For instance, to show 24 in Popsicle sticks, you'd put 4 sticks in the "ones" bundle and 2 in the "tens" bundle. 1.OA.D.7, 1NBT.B.3, C.4, C.5, C.6

Social Studies: We will read and study about the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We'll look at ways to get along with others and how to solve problems.

Trussville City Schools- Mission Statement

The mission of Trussville City Schools is to educate all students using high standards in a safe,nurturing environment fostering academic and career competencies that prepare them to be productive citizens.

Our vision is to help students move forward on a positive path toward college and career readiness.