Nuclear Engineer

Colton Bartels -8th hour science

Career Overview

Nuclear engineers study ways to use radioactive materials to make nuclear energy

How to succeed

Good highschool classes to take are; Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics and Probability, Technical Writing, and Trigonometry/Advanced Algebra

As far as college goes you will need a Bachelors degree and you need a specialized license in Nuclear Engineering

Cost of Education

Tuition would be roughly $40,000 dollars per year going to a out of state public school.

Housing for college would be around $30,000 for 4 years for a college dorm

Food/groceries would be around $6-7000 for 4 years

Gas and other traveling systems would cost you around 8,500 for 4 years

Clothing would be around $2,700 for all 4 years

Tuition would be around $125,000 for all 4 years

For the entire college for all 4 years the total amount would be around $172,000

Most people would have to either get a loan or have some financial aid unless you are very fortunate. Also you will most likely need a part time job to help pay for clothes, food, transportation/ gas and other necessitys.

Associations/Professional Organizations For this career

American Society for Engineering Education

American Nuclear Society

Pros and Cons

There are many pros and cons to this job here are just some

Pros: You only need a bachelors degree for this job, it's very high paying and you can make most if not all your money back in just a couple years and you get good hours in most places with this job

Cons: You will face competition to get a job in this career but if you do get a job it pays off. this job can be very dangerous sometimes.

Job advertisement

Are you looking for a interesting and great paying job? Well if so, nuclear engineering is defiantly the way to go. When you are a nuclear engineer you use radioactive chemicals to make energy, also it has a great and when I say great I mean GREAT salary. The college might be a little pricy but you can really make it all back because this job is very good paying. Although the conditions can be dangerous sometimes, it is a very interesting and unique job. Most nuclear engineers work inside on machines and creat ways to make energy. They make the energy more efficient energy sources, they work in power plants and other factories. This job requires a bachelors degree (4years) and you would need a license. There are many colleges who offers programs for this occupation. Back to the salary nuclear engineers usually make.... Wait for it.... 72,000 entry. Nuclear engineer is defiantly the way to go in the science path!


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