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Summer Field Trip Schedule

Some days are simply meant for playing

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It's that time of year...

Summer is around the corner and we are busy planning for another EPIC season!

In addition to camps we also offer SUMMER FIELD TRIPS, which run during After Camp. These field trips are a fun treat and a perfect bonus day for anyone looking to burn off some summer energy. Sorry parents, you must be a kid to attend - but I promise you'll get a full report over dinner.

We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.

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How it works:

Select any field trip from below. Call 734-420-4655 to sign your child up.

You do not have to be enrolled at Camp that specific week to enroll for a field trip.

We have 19 spots per trip and they are first come, first serve.

All field trips are non refundable.

Field trip tuition is paid at the time of registration and After Camp rates are billed at the end of your field trip week.

Why do you charge me tuition AND After Camp rates?

We do our best to select and book the most fun, most exciting, coolest field trips!! We want to keep these affordable so the cost of the field trip usually covers our expenses and the cost of our bus. Don't forget that accompanying your child is a licensed chauffeur AND members of our staff. This ensures that your child has a safe and supervised time, while having all the fun!!!

May my child sign up for a field trip on a week they are NOT attending camp?

Absolutely!!! We would love to see them again! Just arrange to drop your child off at the scheduled drop off time and pick them up at the scheduled pick up time - we'll handle the rest!

What about waivers??

Part of selecting the MOST fun, MOST exciting, COOLEST trips possible is a waiver. We will ALWAYS have waivers available at check-in/check-out. We will email you the waivers. We will include hyper-links in any online field trip postings and we will call to remind you a week prior. If you child does not have a completed waiver on the day of the trip, we're sorry but they will be unable to attend you we are unable to offer a refund.

Great! You're going to a place where I already have a waiver on file!

Every field trip location has asked us to bring hard copies of a NEW and current waiver. If you already have a waiver on file please still FILL OUT A NEW WAIVER and either email it or drop it off at camp no later then 72 hours PRIOR to the field trip. This avoids a great deal of confusion. Thank you in advance for your efforts.

What are the restrictions?

Field trips are open to all registered campers, entering the 2nd grade and up! Some trips have additional guidelines (such as age and/or height requirements) and those will be mentioned below.

May I pick my child up at the field trip location?

Unfortunately no. We've found that this usually creates more confusion then necessary and often times our bus is late returning to camp. Please plan to pick up & drop off here at Camp Mirage.

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Book Now! These will sell out fast!!!!

Airtime Trampoline Park $30

June 28th & August 11th

Drop off 12:30 Pick up 4:00

Bus leaves promptly at 12:40


Always a fan favorite! Have you ever wanted to slam dunk a basketball like an NBA star? How about play an epic game of dodge ball with a little pep- in- your- step? There's nothing like a room full of trampolines to bring out the giggles. It's impossible NOT to have fun at Airtime.

Futureball Paintball $50

June 30th & August 16th

Drop off 12:30 Pick up 5:15

Bus leaves promptly at 12:45

Must be 10 years or older to play

Must be in closed toe shoes & long pants

Waiver required

Do you have a child who loves Nerf? Did you miss a chance to get into one of our Nerf camps? Here's your second chance!! This was the most popular field trip last summer! This year we are going to Whitmore Lake to play on their amazing outdoor course. They are licensed for players 10 and up. This may be the best game of capture the flag your child will ever play!

Zap Zone $30

July 12th

Drop off 12:45 Pick up 4:00

Bus leaves promptly at 12:50

Not quite ready for paintball, no worries!!! We will head to Zap Zone for 3 games of laser tag. A bit less intense, a bit less impact and perfect for all ages! Tag! You're it!

Rolling Hills Wave Pool $25

July 14th & August 23rd

Drop off 12:30 Pick up 5:30

Bus leaves promptly at 12:45

Just in time for the dog days of summer cool off on the water slides & ride the waves. Don't worry parents, in addition to the life guards, our amazing staff will be in the pool and on the slides with your camper. Make sure to pack sunscreen and go ahead and plan for an early bed time! After this fun filled day we'll send your camper home ready to crash!

Lego Land $50

August 9th & August 25th

Drop off 12:40 Pick up 5:30

Bus leaves promptly at 12:45

The most anticipated trip of the summer!!!! This one will go fast so don't delay. We'll head out to Lego land to explore all they have to offer; the rides, the Lego displays AND a chance to build with a master builder!! Your little architect or engineer will be talking about this one for months!

Adventure Park West Bloomfield $50

August 18th

Drop off 12:45 Pick up 4:15

Bus leaves promptly at 12:50

MUST be 10 years or older

Must be wearing closed toe shoes

Waiver required

We'll visit this super cool aerial forest where your camper will be able to swing from the trees like a little monkey. With 10 Trails, 15 zip lines, 5 difficulty levels, and over 140 challenge bridges, The Adventure Forest is the largest forest climbing park in Michigan..