Interpretation Spring Day Camp

New and Experienced Woodies Are Welcome!

Muir Woods Rangers are excited to announce our 2nd interpretation training for volunteers, interns, and partners.

The Muir Woods Rangers and Todd the Volunteer Coordinator would like to invite you to Muir Woods Interp Spring Day Camp on Saturday, March 25. 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. Let's outfit ourselves to be ready for the busiest season.

This activity is the sequel to the first interp training we had in June 2016. Although we will build on the foundations we laid then, we don't want new people to feel intimidated at all. We will thoroughly review the fundamentals, so beginners should feel comfortable jumping in while more experienced folks deepen their understanding.

During this Interp Camp, we will focus on interpretive mindset and execution. First, we will talk about the theory, goals, and ethics. After that, we will identify how those elements are applied to the work we do every day by visiting our fellow intepreters' talk, tour, and individual visitor contacts in action. Then we will explore various ways to adapt such effective practice into your own interpretive work so that we can produce greater outcomes as a team. Essentially, we are creating a system to keep learning from one another.

The Muir Woods Staff hope you will adjust your busy schedule to join this event. With your upgraded interpretive skills, we wish to make your time at the park even more meaningful and significant. Beyond serving Muir Woods visitors, we hope you will apply your powerful interpretive skills to your daily life as well.

RSVP below or to Todd the Mur Woods Volunteer Coordinator at or 415-388-2596 . Look forward to spending an uplifting spring day together on March 25th. We will meet at the Muir Woods Interp Office.

Interpretation Spring Day Camp

Saturday, March 25th, 9:30am-4pm

Muir Woods National Monument

We will meet at the Muir Woods Interp Office. Lunch is provided.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.