hindus in south aisa

this is something that i put together to tell a little something about hinduism.

this is a pic of a god

Facts of hinduism

the founder of hinduisim is a mix of ideas and beliefs of is when karma resolved.they say that the purpose of life is to attain libration. the size rank is the third largest in the world.the year was 1500 bc.the abherents is 900 million.major holidays is mahashivarati,holi,and diwali.the ultimate reality is braham.to them there beliefs about afterlife is if karma unresolved ,soul is born into a new body; if karma resolved, attain moksa.they spirital leaders is guru or sage.there sacred text is vedas,upanishads,sutrus,and bhagavad gita.there are hendreds of gods and godess.there human nature is in bondage to ignorance and illusion, but able to escape.

the way that they live is in order life according to the dharma.

Pics of Hinduism

pic of one god of many goddess and gods

The History of Hindu India