Rural=Inaccessible. Not any more!

Over 6 Lac kms of rural roads built in last decade

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Traditional assumptions of Rural India lacking access due to non existent roads is no longer true. Under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana over 1 lac rural habitations have been connected by building over 6 lac kms of metalled "all-weather" roads. And every day nearly 165 kms of new rural roads are being built.

Better access means better incomes for villagers and better markets for manufacturers.

Has your Rural GTM kept pace with this?

Most Rural GTM systems simply skim the surface when it comes to rural reach. They haven't kept up with the furious road construction that has enabled easy access to these markets.

Its time to change. It's time to redesign your GTM to optimize last mile reach.

"SWADESH" can help tranform your Rural GTM

"Swadesh" is a scientific & end-to-end Rural distribution solution that combines accurate data with high end GIS/satellite mapping techniques & practical FMCG S&D experience.

>Supercharge your rural growth

>Drive category penetration

>Realize cost efficiencies

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"Swadesh" can help any FMCG company irrespective of their current Rural GTM evolution.

>Looking to enter Rural for the first time?

>Want to expand the reach of your existing super stockist network?

>Want to penetrate deeper into the hinterland?

Then "Swadesh" is for you. To know more contact us.