Italy's Unification

Ryan Fennen, Michael Schultz


Nationalists longed for a unified Italy. However, the nationalist leaders had different goals and opinions on how Italy would unify. The main argument was the how Italy would be governed: whether Italy would be a Constitutional Monarchy (Count Camillo Cavour) or a Republic(Giuseppe Mazzini, Giuseppe Mazzini).

Important Leaders

Military Conflict

Italy gained the support of Napoleon III, ruler of France, in order to combat its Austrian overlords. Following a successful campaign against Austria France betrayed Italy and left Lombardy under Austrian rule. In the war against Austria, Italy would annex Venetia and Rome. Garibaldi's nationalist attitude would soon lead to the annexation of southern Italy, officially uniting Italy and fulfilling the nationalists' goals. Following insistence from Camillo, Italy was united under a constitutional monarchy rather than a republic.


Camillo and other Italian Nationalists such as Garibaldi and Mazzini led multiple campaigns against foreign powers occupying parts of Italy. With the help of France, Italy is soon united under a constitutional monarchy and a notoriously corrupt Italian parliament.
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