This will have opinions and facts about teamwork.


In your life there is probably a lot of teamwork.

But teamwork isn't always a good thing.Why?

People always argue that who's idea is better.

Also who to trust,team,and listen.

Some people are bad teammates, they let you do all the work and still get credit while you are tired and angry at them.

Trust is one of the most important part in teamwork.

Most times you aren't trust.

When someone in group talk listen to them.

Sports require teamwork,skill,strategies,eye contact, and collage degree.

But sometimes half of your group follow your direction.

The others follow the other one.

Slowly got mixed up and mess up.


I like having partners.

They usually do all the work.

I could just have some fun and rest.

There is always people who can help me, when my partner is sick.


Do you like music?

Do you want to be a musician?

If you do you must know teamwork.

Because when there is a concert.

All instruments have there own part.

You must wait and stay along with others.