Chandler's Parent Connection

March 2019

Principal's Corner

Spring is in the air and great things are blooming here at Chandler!

Our instructional team is busy planning for programs, reviews, beautification, and innovative presentations. Teachers and students are teaming together to produce representations of learning. PE/Flex classes are teaming together to complete activities, practice musicals, and enjoy team building. The teachers have worked hard to tie in classroom standards as a support for classroom teachers. We have 4th and 5th grade LEAP students going into classrooms to mentor and tutor 2nd and 3rd grade students. Students are enjoying this interaction, and we are seeing gains for all students involved.

Students enjoyed celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday. The day began with Dr. Lindley and Mrs Watson dressing as Cat in the Hat and the Grinch. They danced and sang with students in the cafeteria and in the classrooms. Mrs. Wiggins, Mrs. Alfred, Coach Beets, and Mrs. Latham dressed as Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3 and Thing 4. Mrs. Wiggins had activities in library, and 2nd graders had a special visit from Cat in the Hat (Mr. Dean Kenny). He read to the children and led a discussion about Dr. Seuss.

Students also enjoyed celebrating Texas Independence Day by playing creative games linked to Texas traditions. They also focused on Black History month by creating presentations, posters, power points, foldables, and various projects about famous African Americans. Their products were amazing!

Coming soon to Chandler will be an egg incubator with chicken eggs waiting to hatch. Students will have an opportunity to observe the life cycle of a chicken beginning with the egg. A community member will set the incubators up, and students will cycle through the library to observe the process.

We are excited about the upcoming 3rd grade "Rock Around the 50's" musical next week. Students have worked for months on their production under the direction of our music teacher Sarah Alfred. Some second grade classes will join Primary students, and Intermediate students to perform "Sing" on April 16th at Kilgore Primary. Teachers are also getting ready to create presentation for our STAAR pep rally under the direction of Sarah Alfred. It will be "One in a Minion"!

Now that the weather is more welcoming outside, the beautification committee is getting ready to start a raised bed garden in the courtyard. Students will be a large part of the design and help plant vegetables and flowers to be planted. We also have a rock trail for commemorative purposes planned for our 3rd grade students. Each year before the third graders leave Chandler, they will paint a rock to place on the trail marked by their graduating year. The students will bury a time capsule under the trail. When they are seniors, they will come back to Chandler to unearth the time capsule.

Congratulations to House Grinta! They earned a trip to the bowling alley for fun and games on March 8th. They had a good time and are geared up for the next house celebration to come!

We want to thank you for your support as we partner up for the success of all children!

Chandler Awarded $17,000!

Congratulations to our MakerSpace team and "Teacher, Let Me Teach" representative! The Education Foundation has awarded our MakerSpace team $12,000, and our “Teacher, Let Me Teach!” representative $5000.

We want to thank the MakerSpace team for all their hard work, research, and creative out of the box thinking. We are transforming our 1st multi-purpose room into a real MakerSpace. The MakerSpace will allow students to think critically to create, produce products that represent their understanding, and solve problems in an innovative way. MakerSpace is an avenue to teach cross curricular TEKS in a creative discovery minded setting. Chandler PTA has also given $500 to complete the amount needed to transform our room into a real MAKERSPACE! Thank you Chandler PTA for your support. Thank you Allyson Carter, Karie Bradley, Whitney Stewart, Kelsey Williams, Melissa Martinez, Beckey McCormick, Judy Wiggins, Heidi Warren, Laura Naranjo and Amy Abbott for your innovative thinking and hard work to make this a reality for our students.

Thank you Melissa Martinez for being brave enough to present on your own with the purpose of adding to the MakerSpace and giving your students the opportunity to teach with the best tools! Students at Chandler will have access to a large touch screen for teaching their peers and presenting their projects.

A special thank you goes out to the Education Foundation, Mark Lane, and our PTA for their belief in our students and willingness to reward innovative thinking here at Chandler! We are excited!



We are thrilled to announce Mrs. Stacy Johnson as Chandler's March Employee of the Month. Mrs. Johnson is our math interventionists and supports our math departments and students with her expertise. She has been teaching 14 years (13 of those at Chandler.) She is always willing to lend a hand where needed, and her smile is simply contagious. She is married to Ryan and has two beautiful children, Zoey (5th grade) and RJ. (1st grade). When not at work, you can find Mrs. Johnson spending time with her family and cheering on her children at their events. One of her favorite quotes includes, "You only get out, what you put in!" She also loves the Matthew 5:14 "It's a dark world, be the LIGHT." Chandler is blessed to have Mrs. Johnson on our team.

Second Grade

The following students were recognized as the February students of the month for showing CITIZENSHIP. Front Row: Alex Flores, Yovanni San Juan, Mateo Muniz, Hannah Sullivan, Christopher Rossum, Axel Vazquez, Akeela Pegues, James Evans and Dalton Baggett. Back Row: Ja-briel Collins, Taylor Smith, Osiel Espinoza, Yahir Martinez, Allee Meadows, Callie Key, Amori Jackson, and Jesus Morales.

Third Grade

The following third graders displayed the character trait CITIZENSHIP for the month of February. Front Row: Emilee Smith, Kipton Dobbs, Collin Nelson, Trinity Perez, Miles Applegate, William Bagley, and Hunter Battles. Back Row: Brynleigh Seymour. Jesus Reyes, Angelly Uceda, Nathan Gibson, Les Thurston, Johnathan Moyers, and Brody Scuggs. Not pictured: Taylor Stephens and Elijah Rominger.


The lost and found has been cleaned out and all the coats and accessories are lining the middle hall. If your child is missing items, please remind them to look for them and take them home. It may be helpful to add your child's name to their belongings. We will hold onto lost items until Wednesday, March 27. Thank you for your support.
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