Wonders Reading

Unit 1 Week 6


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Week Six: Reviewing, Reflecting, Extending and Evaluating!

Dear Families:

This week our class will be reviewing the important skills covered during the last five weeks. We will not have any new stories or concepts this week. Instead, students will have the chance to show what they have learned through a unit test. Testing will continue throughout the week. Please encourage your child to do their very best each day.

Here are some activities you can do with your child to help reinforce the skills we’ll be reviewing and extending.

  • Read together a short fiction story from a print or digital book.
  • Write a few sentences together to summarize the story.
  • Ask your child to present the summary as a short speech to family members.

Before your child presents the speech, discuss this checklist.

√ Look over your written summary. Does it clearly tell what happens in the story?

√ Stand up straight, and speak clearly and slowly.

√ Remember to smile.

Showing interest in your child’s reading, writing, and speaking will help his or her progress during the year.


  • Stay connected with the skills, strategies, and stories we are reviewing in our Reading program! Students can go back and reread any story and review any skill!
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  • Be sure to use your child's unique username and password!

Use Spelling City to get a head start on your list for next week!

There will not be a new Spelling list this week. Take this time to review words from weeks 1-5 and to get a sneak peek and jump start on Unit 2, Week 1!