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IPS Lab Safety


1) Goggles must be kept where at all times?

2) What should you do if a spill occurs?

3) What is the nurse's office extension?

4) Name 3 pieces of safety equipment in the class room...

5) Should you taste chemicals?

6) What state of matter are you allowed to waft?

7) Why should you wash your hands with soap and water after a lab?

8) What should you do if chemicals touch your skin?

9) Do hot and cold glass look the same?

10) Is it a good idea to use chipped glass? Why?

11) What should you never use to remove or insert glass?

12) What should you do if you see broken glass?

13) When working with an alcohol burner, what are 2 things you should do (Especially if you are a girl)?

14) Is it a good idea to point the open end of a hot test tube at yourself?

15) Why should you cap the burner when you are done?

Now answer the questions!

Correct Answers

1) over your eyes

2) tell Mr. Leeds immediately

3) 2828

4) fire extinguisher, fire blanket, eye wash

5) no

6) liquids

7) to get any remaining chemicals or residue off

8) flush that area of skin with water for 1 minute and tell Mr. Leeds

9) yes

10) no, you could cut yourself

11) force

12) tell Mr. Leeds and dispose of it in the proper bin immediately

13) tie up your hair and roll up your sleeves

14) no

15) capping the flame cuts off it's oxygen and fire needs oxygen to be able to burn, thus it wont be able to burn anymore

Reaction in a Bag

What was the red liquid in the reaction in a bag? it was phenol red and is used as a pH indicator

what is the pH scale?

The pH scale measures acidity and ranges from 0-14

What would a substance that is a 0-6 be called? acidic

What would a substance that is an 8-14 be called? alkaline

what would a 7 be called? neutral

what was solid A? calcium chloride

what is calcium chloride? mildly acidic and is hydro-tropic (attracted to water)

what are some products that use calcium chloride? canned veggies, flavors pickles and electrolytes in sports/energy drinks

What was solid B? sodium bicarbonate

is sodium bicarbonate acidic? no

what are some of sodium bicarbonates uses? cat litter, toothpaste and laundry detergent


What should the pan on the balance always be? clean and dry.

Always put the balance to what number in between each massing? 0

Is it a good idea to switch your balance's pan with another pan? No, each pan is made for a specific balance and will not work if it isn't on that balance.

What should you NEVER do when you are done with the balance? Zero all the riders, lots of people do that and it messes up the balances very badly!


what is the formula for finding a solid's volume? length x width x height

what is the standard unit of length? a meter

1 centimeter is how many meters? 0.01 meters

what is the unit of measurement of volume? centimeters cubed or cm. cubed