Nurse Practitioner

By Katie

Job Description

The Nurse Practitioner diagnoses and treats common health problems. They treat things like high blood pressure. They preform patient assessments like medical, physical and social history. They can also prescribe medications. Nurse Practitioners provide health care maintenance care. They work in many specialized areas.

Working Conditions

Many of the nurses have to work in specialized areas like geriatrics, family care, and pediatrics.

Earning $$

When you become a Nurse Practitioner you can earn anything form 48,000 to 85,000 a year.

Steps to Achieve the goals through Education

To become a Nurse Practitioner, there are many things you need to have to have some one even look at your resume. For instance every nurse needs there RN, or registered nurse. Then you will need to take another curse strictly regarding nurse practitioner. These courses usually take two years and this leads to a master's degree. Then you need at least 1 year working as a RN to move on to the next step. You need the Bachelor's degree too. You also need experience in pediatrics, acute care, and family practice. Then you would have to get the ANCC, or the American Nurses Credentialing Center. If you pass the classes that they offer, which is not required but desired, you will have a better chance of getting the job you want, a nurse practitioner.

What Other People Think About This Occupation

Many of the Nurses really like the job. They love to help out all of their patients and they develop a great relationship with them. Many of them love to come to work everyday.