The Renaissance

Avery Van Gundy

Changes During the Renaissance

During the Renaissance time period many changes occured that increased Western Europe. The Renaissance was a time of "rebirth" in trade, learning, and Greco-Roman idea. Thishelped develop new ideas in art, government, and human potential. Many aspects from the middle ages changed through out time. Italian cities and a wealthy middle class began to growand form Italy. People then began to move to cities to serve as merchants or skilled artisans. New cities are growing and people took the opportunity. Overall, with growing cities came many new choices the people.

Important People of The Renaissance

Many important people helped with the growing of the Renaissance. Donatello was the first great sculptor, and wanted all sculptures to be viewedfrom all sides like Greek and Roman statuses. Michelangelo was also a great sculptor and painter. The Great of them helped decorate their cities and show who they are. Raphael was also a painter of the Pope and shouted a combination of Greeks and romans along with Renaissance people. Shakespeare was a writer who wrote plays based on ideas from classics and universal qualities. This shows that art can be in many different forms. As a result art increased as the cities, government and human potential grew.

Impacts of Change

During this time change impacted the society. People were expected to recurve their own money, be a free thinker, and question all things. The Pope was hear of the Catholic Church and the church laws were questioned at the time. The changes going on around also effected the citizens of the cities. Kings held the power and taxes from merchants emerged. Faith in church decreased and meant the Pope was losing power. In conclusion, most aspects of the society were effected in some way either negatively or positively.

Today's evidences in the changes

There were many changes that came from this time. The Scientific Revolution was the rise of science during the modern period. They improved the thoughts in science, mathematics, and others. Johannes Kepler proved that the sun was the center of the universe. While church officials disagreed and were angry Copernicus.The universal law of gravitation is that every object is attracted to each other. This was found by Isaac Newton along with the mathematical principles of Natural Philosophy and it compared the universe to a giant rock. These were compared because all parts worked together perfectly in ways that could be expressed through math.Galileo made improvements to the telescope and discovered Jupiter had at least 4 planets.