Man In The Woods

''Man spotted in local Bixby neighborhood''

Man spotted in The Legends Neighborhood in Bixby,OK Sunday November,11

Local Bixby child was in the Legends Neighborhood woods playing with his dog soon spotting a ''scary looking man'' said the child. The young child quickly ran inside to call his parents who were not at home at the time. After his parents didn't answer, he frantically ran and grabbed his dog and went upstairs and hid.

We have received word of other sightings in the exact neigborhood, luckily the young child is ok and he is wanting a search, and an arrest for the suspicious man.

We have pictures of possible suspects for the Man In The Woods. Police are searching for these three men possibly working together: Griffin James lll, Jamaques Williomson, James Jackson llll, and Johnathan Bill.

Johnathan Bill

Eyes:blue; Skin Tone:white; Height:6'6

Call (911)

If these men are spotted call 911 right away. These men are dangerous and could be armed.

CSPD Crime Prevention Tips
If these men break into your home just remember what this man said and do it.

Police will be searching Bixby neighborhood's this coming week

Tuesday, Nov. 20th 2012 at 10:45am to Thursday, Nov. 22nd 2012 at 1am


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Johnathan Bill

So far the only man who is suspect that has been jailed before is J.B. for a DUI Under the age of 21. No others have a rap sheet of being jailed.

Only known photo of the man.