3rd Grade News

Week of 11/9-11/13

Charlotte's Web

We began reading Charlotte's Web in reading groups this week! Although some students have read the story before, they are all excited to be reading it and doing activities with it in class. We worked on vocabulary, making predictions, making inferences, and summarizing using Educreations. Next week we will analyze characters using internal and external traits.
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Subtraction Strategies!

Students have been working hard on different subtraction strategies this week...

  • Mental Math - Make a ten or a hundred if the number ends in 9 or 99.
  • Estimation - Round numbers to a given place value THEN subtract!
  • Problem Solving - Use the CUBES strategy... Circle important numbers, Underline the question, Box important words (and, more, about, less), Evaluate what you should do to solve the problem, Solve and check

Next week we will regroup, subtract 3 and 4 digit numbers and subtract across zeros.

Veterans Day

CBA always does an amazing job honoring our Veterans on Veterans Day. This year we celebrated with Patriotic Fair put on by 4th graders along with Ms. Moser. We learned the meaning behind several different patriotic songs, listened to many of them and created a thumbprint flag to display in our school. Each student is represented on the flag!

In our classroom we made Veterans Day flip books explaining what Veterans Day is, what Veterans are, why we honor Veterans and characteristics of Veterans. They are hanging by our windows. Check them out. Students also completed a Veterans Day scoot after reading a passage. The 'scooted' around the room, answering text based questions about Veterans Day.

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Seesaw Update

We have uploaded a few things to our Seesaw Digital Portfolios this week! Our Class President Election speeches, spreadsheets we made in technology and some friends have recorded themselves sharing their Veterans Day flip books. Be sure to check them out!
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Thanksgiving Feast Sign-Up Genius

Please click on the button to go to our Thanksgiving Feast Sign-Up Genius. Food must be brought to school already cooked, warm, and ready to eat. The Feast is on Friday, November 20th. Thank you!

Coming up...

  • 11/16 - Respect Lunch Bunch Tailgate! Congratulations Michael!
  • 11/20 - Thanksgiving Feast
  • 11/23 - Peter and the Wolf Field Trip at the Kimmel Center - Wear formal uniforms - We will leave at 9am and return at 12:30pm - We will eat lunch at school - Addison's mom and Michael's mom are chaperoning. Thank you!
  • 11/24 - Book Reports Due, Pajama Day, Addison's birthday celebration!
  • 11/25-11/27 - No School - Thanksgiving Break