All About Me

By Amanda

My Personality

I am a BLUE person. Relationships are very important to me. This means that I require relationships to be happy and cooperate with people. Because I care about others, I tend to try to help their needs before completing any task. Being a blue person means I am a friendly caring individual who looks for meaning in life and situations. I rely on emotional intelligence to help me through situations.

All Colors Shine through

Orange, Yellow, and Green are some of the other colors I can be. Being an orange person means you are fun loving, adventurous, competitive, and a great mutlitasker. Being a yellow person means you are a responsible, prepared, committed, dependable person. Being a Green person means you are an intellectual, curious, independent person.

Brain Hemisphere

There are left brain and right brained people. I am more right brained than I am left. When I took the right brain left brain test, I got 23 for right brain and 18 for left brain. This means I am a creative thinker who looks at more the whole picture over the individual part. A right brained person is more hands on and learns more by doing. A left brain person is more logical and thinks more rationally. Left brain people are more sequencial with their thinking. Overall I am almost equal in which side brain I am more, but the right brain is slightly more dominate.