the guinea pug

What Is The Guinea Pug?

The guinea pug is a small species indigenous to the amazon rain forest. It was just recently discovered by an American scientist. Since then they have become a major attraction for lots of destinations around the amazon rainforest but mostly brazil. Now everyone comes to see the wild guinea pug that can only be found in brazil!

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the organism

The guinea pug is a small species that has a short muzzled face and a short curly tail.(much like a pug) It has a short height(approximately 2 inch.) and mostly comes in three general colors black, fawn, and blue. It has short sharp claws that can be used to pick berries and self-defense. Its diet consists of berries and bananas, and pineapples.

The life expectancy is 3 years. It has a short coat of fur that can keep it cool in the summer but warm in the winter. It has lots of predators but it can escape from them with their great speed which is approximately 20 miles per hour! For its small size it is often underestimated and is disrespectfully put into the rodent category.

It reproduces sexually and has 6-10 babies at a time. this is a very rare sighting!

how it interacts with plants.

It interacts with plants a lot. It uses plants not only shade but the leafs on the plants Can be used as food for the guinea pug when starving. The guinea pug also has the ability to use its teeth to drink the water inside trees. With these abilities it is able to live a long lasting life in its habitat.


As stated before the guinea pug lives in the amazon rainforest which is a very humid habitat and dangerous for a very small creature. The guinea pug is not a hunter, but a very skilled gatherer! One of its great skills is its amazing ability to climb the giant trees in the rain forest. There many other animals in its ecosystem that hunt the guinea pug. That is mainly why there are not many left due to many predators such as birds and other small creatures.


The guinea pug is a fascinating animal that has adapted to its harsh environment by using its agility and fascinating skills. It is a unique species that looks like a mix of two well know domestic animals. But now you know that looks can be decieving