An Interview With Mrs.Webb

By Kayla Hanover

Mrs. Webb Started Off as a Teacher?

Mrs. Webb started off her career as a teacher. She went to college at TCU for her bachelors of science in education (BS). After carrying on her career as a teacher for 13 years, she decided to get out of the classroom and get into an office to start a career in which she can get a better relationship with the students in her school, counseling. To begin this new career journey she went to get her Masters of Education degree (MED) at Lamar University.

This is a link to both of the schools Mrs. Webb has attended for her degrees.

The counselor life…

Mrs. Webb is a counselor for ninth through twelfth grade at Elgin High School. The environment of her office is very homey so her students can be as comfortable as possible. This is how she manages her office and keeps students in the best position they can be. She puts in at least fifty hours of her time into her job counseling at the school. She considers her biggest challenge as a counselor is finding time around her busy schedule to get everything done that she needs to get done. But the reward she gets for that is when she gets to build a better and stronger relationship with her students.

According to Mrs. Webb to be a counselor you need to be trust worthy, have a strong sense of confidentiality, and be tough but fair. In addition to the confidentiality, sadly I was not able to observe her while with a student because the private information told throughout meetings with a student are not to be heard by anyone other than the counselor, parent of the student or the student. Aside from not being able to observe her during a sit down with a student I felt like I really learned about how counselors work and how stressful and private they have to keep their work.

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Mrs. Webb taking a selfie!✌🏼️

All I had to do was search her name on google and this is what I found, looks like Mrs. Webb is being tech savvy!