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News from Ms. Welch, CST

Upcoming Dates:

Sept. 18-29 IOWA

Sept. 18-22 New Teacher Check in Conferences

Sept. 21 RUOS Training

Sept. 22 RUOS Training

Sept. 22 FastBridge window ends

Sept. 25 Leadership @2:45

Sept. 26 Staff Meeting @2:45

Sept. 27 CORE Team (come prepared with data/info)

Sept. 27 Sped. Mtg. @2:45

Sept. 28 Heather out AM for training

Sept. 28 Bruster's Spirit Night

College Week Pics!

FastBridge Window Extended

The @FastBridgeLearn screening window will be extended to Friday, September 22nd due to missed student days. #Irma

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Grades 3-5: Book a FREE Traveling Trunk!

The Teaching Museum is partnering with museums and other organization to create traveling trunks of content correlated to the Georgia Standards for Excellence for teacher-led learning experiences. Trunks are available for two weeks and are delivered and picked up via school mail. Click on the links below for descriptions of trunks by grade level.

All Grades: Book a FREE Field Trip!

Click on the link below to see all elementary programs.

Programs that caught my eye:

Pre-K- Artful Stories

K-GA Wildlife Journey

1st- Greenhouse

2nd- Stories and Clay

3rd- First Contact and Rocks

4th- Starlab and Sound

5th- Life in Sectet Hiding Places

3-5: I think the traveling trunks are very cool!

Let me know if I can help you book something!!!

Record of Reading App is a Game Changer

Check out this app to keep track of students' running records!

-No need to carry and store hundreds of paper records. The application will store of of them for you.

-Using the application, you can email and share your records with other teachers or parents.

-The application allows you to record and replay recording of your students as they are reading.

Management Focus: Disruptive Students

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