ETMOOC Continues

etmooc is alive and thriving ALL WELCOME

ETMOOC 4th Anniversary chat

Rhonda Jessen and Paul Signorelli will co-host tonight Tuesday January 17th 8pm MT Join us
Mario Couros Memorial Bursary

TONIGHT 3rd Anniversary at 7 MT A Very Special ETMOOC event RSVP here

ETMOOC 3rd Anniversary Celebration


Thursday, Jan. 21st 2016 at 7-9pm

Online in Zoom

If you wish the link you need to RSVP here. Please Join @courosa @gcouros and other amazing educators in this fabulous event where we celebrate our learning and George's new book. ALL welcome whether having participated in ETMOOC or not . RSVP below. Looking forward to seeing you there. 7-9pm MT 9-11ET

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Get ready for an exciting event.

Please invite friends ... the first 100 to RSVP will get the link

Special Guests

Alec Couros

George Couros will talk about his book Innovators Mindset

Julie Balen @jacbalen Ontario

Donna Miller Fry @fryed Ontario

Christina Hendricks @clhendricksbc BC

Tina Photakis @tina_p Australia

Paul Signorelli @paulsignorelli San Francisco

and many more special guests to come ...

The link for ZOOM will be provided on the 21st

ETMOOC 3rd Anniversary
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What have you been up to since ETMOOC? Celebrate here. If you are not an ETMOOC ' er Celebrate anyway.

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Our next twitter chat Wednesday May 27th


Join @trainersleaders Paul Signorelli and @sspellmancann Susan Spellman Cann as we co-facilitate this months chat Integrating Twitter Into Learning along with Erin Luong, Rhonda Jessen, Karen Young and Christina Hendricks. We hope to see you there. Join us ALL WELCOME!!!

ETMOOC 2nd Anniversary JANUARY 21st ,2015

Wow! Another year has passed. We will be having an Anniversary chat .We would love you to join in. Please join @courosa and all ETMOOC 'ers for a twitter chat on Wed. January 21st at 7 p.m. MST Alec Couros will lead the chat with co-moderators Rhonda Jessen , Susan Spellman Cann, Erin Hordyski Luong, Karen Young , Paul Signorelli and Christina Hendricks

Historical ETMOOC Events


Tuesday, April 29th 2014 at 7pm

This is an online event.

NEXT EVENT : GH .You are most welcome to Join in. Just follow the #etmchat hashtag to find out when the next chat or hangout are. The next Google Hangout is in April. ALL welcome

ETMOOC Anniversary Google Hangout was Tues. Jan. 21st

Post ETMOOC Anniversary Hangout LIVE

ETMOOC lip dub "Don't Stop Me Now!"

Wasn't this fun ? A BIG thanks to Josh Stumpenhorst @stumpteacher So Many Great Memories ...


Our special day has already arrived #ETMOOC 'ers

We were very happy to have you join us to reconnect and share what you are doing now. We would love it if you would post an anniversary blog and or vlog and share just how ETMOOC impacted you. Please start adding the #etmooc hashtags ANYTIME to your posts so we can get reacquainted. Image source: CC BY 2.0 Catherine Cronin

See below for a STORIFY of the chat ...


This is what we did … ETMOOC CHAT we used the #etmchat hashtag

Tuesday, Jan. 14th 2014 at 7:30pm

This is an online event.

This chat will be co- moderated by Rhonda Jessen and Susan Spellman Cann with special guest Alec Couros. A special thanks to Karen Young @karenatsharon and Pete Rorabaugh @allistelling for your assistance with the chat. This will be an opportunity to give our gratitude to all the conspirators of ETMOOC that can join us. We really hope you can join us. Please pass this on to any people you know who were in ETMOOC and ask them to pass it on. Hope we hear and see you soon. If you would like to host a GH so we can accommodate people who were in ETMOOC from different time zones, please do and send out an invite in Google Plus and announce on twitter. Please start posting to the #etmooc and #etmchat hashtags. We are so looking forward to connecting with you again!

Click below to tell us you are coming to the twitter chat #etmchat

An RSVP in the google plus community

ETMOOC Chat and Google Hangout

Jan. 14th 7:30 P.M. MST (Mountain Standard Time) 9:30 EST ( Eastern Standard Time) use the #etmchat and #etmooc hashtags

Jan. 21st 7:30 P.M. MST 9:30 EST Google Hangout Etmooc Anniversary . Please let us know if you'd like to join in...

Image source: CC BY 2.0 Catherine Cronin

A GIGANTIC thanks to those who made ETMOOC the experience it was

You can thank them to in your blog…vlog… or in the chat . GRATITUDE TRANSFORMS US ...

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