Back when the world was new there was a god named Icarus. He was friendly all the time and is rarely mad at anything. Icarus controls the wind and air. Every ten years his job is to fly a Pegasus around the world at high speed to create air that last ten years. Icarus was big who had wings on his back, long curly blond hair, blue eyes, a white shirt, pants, sandals, and a sword. Then one day something happened that Icarus would have never expected.

the story

Icarus has a son named Ry, he has brown hair a white shirt, short pants, and had dirt on his face. Ry in his village met a boy who had a father that was a god.

“Hey Ry I heard that your father is Icarus!” he yelled.

“That is true and what is your name” Ry politely asked.

“My name is Damon and my father is Pasadena ” Damon said.

The two boys became the best of friends and all day from dusk till dawn they would talk about there fathers.

“My father taught me how to turn water into weapons and controlling it. What did your father teach you” Damon asked.

“Well my father taught me how to fly the Pegasus and he said that I get to fly it tomorrow to create the next ten years air.” Ry bragged about.

“You are crazy Ry. You are not going to fly the Pegasus so quite it with your lying” Damon shouted.

“It is true in fact I am leaving right now if I am going to get to the palace by sun down tomorrow. I will fly in three circles over your house so you know I am the one” Ry exclaimed.

Ten Ry went on his journey to the palace, but Ry has not seen his father in years and has not even seen the Pegasus. His lies got him in a tight jam. Ry has kept on walking through everything in his path. Then finally behind two trees there was a beautiful sight of a palace on a cliff next to the ocean a amazing view of the stars Ry walked inside the palace out of breath seeing his father sitting on his throne. Icarus looks down saying

“What brings you here Ry, it has been so long so sorry for not visiting in so long.” Icarus Said calmly.

“I know I should not ask this but I want to fly the Pegasus to create the air.” Ry cried.

“Fine if you are willing to take that risk that could possibly kill you and others.” Icarus shouted

“I will take that big risk” Ry said.

Icarus had him come with him to see the Pegasus. Then Icarus told Ry carefully wile you are ridding do not lose control or air will not create right. Also that if he fly’s to close in a circle a wind vortex will be spinning in a circle and will destroy thing that is in its path. Other that you may go and off Ry went. Ry got a really good view of the village it has some houses and a water hole to drink. Ry thought he had to fly around his friends house like he said. Then he remembered his fathers warning. He didn’t know what to do but Ry did a quick turn around then out over the forest some kind of wind vortex formed that was just destroying everything in its path. Ry should have listened to his father. He new he had to stop it. Ry flew straight for it and flew right in it. Then the Pegasus started reacting.

“What is happening to you girl” Ry said in fear.

The Pegasus just started absolving the wind and next a big blast of air spreads all over the world that should last 50 years. Then Ry came falling to his death. He knew he should have listen to his father, so he was excepting his fate. Then out of know where Icarus came flying through and caught Ry.

“You did not listen. Why? Actually don’t tell me.” Icarus said in crimson.

Then Icarus dropped him off.

Ry now knows that what ever he does he needs to except the consequences for how small or big. If he is lucky he will be okay.