Graphic Designer

How some Graphic Design companies are going Green!

Job Description/Duties

Graphic Designers create, designs, layouts, concepts, critics the product, and organizes everything. They make sure that they product looks good and makes sure its exactly what the client is looking for. They also spend a lot of their time at work on computers. All different type of graphic designers to different jobs.

What Eco Friendly things can you do as Graphic Designer?

Some Graphic Design companies are going green. A lot are using reusable printer paper, others have started using laptops. Which mean that they can use less space, instead of have a huge building they can maybe narrow it down to just a small room. They also create messages for clients that state going green to others.


The salaries of the 'main' graphic designer gets paid per hour is $20.92, and for the whole year is $43,500. The latest these salaries were updated was in 2010.

What degree do you need to be a graphic designer?

You will need definitely an Associates, but usually a Bachelors.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages: I would get payed a decent amount of money. My whole work life you being working on projects by myself and making it the way I want it. Or working with groups on public projects.
Disadvantages: The only thing that is kind of a disadvantage is that are on the computer all day.

More Interesting Facts

As a graphic designer you would make a lot of logos. Plus that you work independent and in groups. All different graphic designers are different. You may do projects for clients, managers, and public city events.