By: Anna Grace Crawford

What kind of holidays do they celebrate?

Lichtenstein's main holiday is celebrated on August 15th. During this holiday, the royal family and parliament make speeches at a ceremony in front of Vaduz Castle. Later in the day, they serve drinks on the garden and then the festival opens. Many tourists and locals come to view and experience these thing. At the end of the day, they end the festival with a firework display.

Liechtenstein's Democracy

Liechtenstein's government is mixed between a parlimentry democracy and a constitutional monarchy. While there is a parliament, they also have a prince.

Some of Liechtenstein's land and tourist attractions.

Cool facts about Liechtenstein


Schaan is the largest city of Liechtenstein ranging to 10.3 square miles.

Liechtenstein is 62 square miles big and is the 6th smallest independent country.

Liechtenstein mostly contains Germans, but there are small groups of Italians and Turks.