Danielle is cheering for US!

February 18. 2016

Dear 1st Impressions Team,

No sooner had I walked into the house yesterday afternoon from 4 days away with the family when Danielle Redner called me and personally challenged our team to help raise our 1st Impressions Team Trunk Show Pipeline. What a re-entry!

We know that January and February can be slow. This happens every year for all of retail. It's normal to have a slower business now but soon it will pick up. That happens when WE TAKE ACTION. I know I absolutely want to fill up my trunk show pipeline. I want my WHY, I need to pay bills. I feel happiest when I have a calendar full of trunk shows.

So, we agreed to work towards a minimum of 30 NEW shows for our team by this Friday--yes, that's tomorrow! Can we do it? I believe we can. We're now at 322 Trunk Shows Team Wide! Let's get to 352!

Let's take action to feel good not, wait to feel good to take action -- why not implement TODAY?!

Here are 3 things that really work in this business!

  1. Know you why.
  2. Customer Care calls.
  3. Offering specific, special dates.

So why not do all 3 today? I want to officially THROW IT DOWN and challenge all of us to take this very specific action and book one more for Feb! Two good ones are: US National Margarita Day on Feb. 22nd and Feb 29th (LEAP YEAR TRUNK SHOW!).

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Call every Fall Customer who spent over $100 in November, and share these WTS:

"I know you loved your _____ from the fall and i loved meeting YOU! Wait until you see the spring line - you'll love it too! We have 2 fun Trunk Show dates coming up and I wanted to offer them to you first - one requires just a bottle of wine and i'll bring the rest for National Wine Day this friday - and the other is the once in every 4 years chance to be a Feb 29th Hostess! I'd love to shop with you and and your girlfriends on one of these dates, and get a jump on your free spring style! Which one works better for you - A National Wine Day Trunk show or Leap Year Trunk show? Let's do it!"

Tips for booking one more this month:

1. Offer a theme up front – we have tons right now ! Margarita Day 2/22, Oscar Glam 2/28, Leap into Style 2/29

2. Make it easy breezy

3. "Everyone knows what they are doing next Thursday, are you free" No one knows what they are doing next month!

4. I thought of you, let's do a fun XXX (insert theme) show with your girlfriends. I'll bring jewels, you invite girls

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Style Makes Me Happy Hour

Swing by for Style

Sip, Shop and Socialize

Sip & Shop

Sip & Sparkle

Cocktails & Couture

Cupcakes & Couture


Start Your Weekend with Style!

Java & Jewels

Baubles & Bloodies

Baubles & Brunch

Bling & Brunch

Bagels & Baubles

Bellinis & Baubles

Evening Trunk Shows:

Style Makes Me Happy Hour

Wine, Cheese, and Jewelry Please

Wine Down Wednesday


Spring Bling

Luck of the Stylish

Green with Envy

Book one more for Feb. or fill up your March. Post each new show (hostess & date) on our 1st Impressions US and UK/EU Facebook team pages and....

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Overcoming objections: A lot of us are stopped by the objections we either imagine our hostess will say or that she actually will say. Let's cover overcoming the most common objections that we all encounter.

Some shows are going to be super easy and just land on your calendar. That’s great.

For the most part, there is going to be an objection. “What if” are the two magic words that are going to help you overcome most objections. Help your potential hostess see beyond her fears. What if - these are the two magic words that you can use to overcome any and all objections. Help your potential hostess see beyond what is stopping her (imaginary or real) from hosting a trunk show. You can acknowledge her concerns and then help guide her into seeing POSSIBILITY with WHAT IF.

"I just don't do home parties."

"That’s great because this isn’t a home party. This is so not like that. This is happy hour or mimosa’s & muffins or _______. This is a fun girls night out. I bring the jewelry, your girlfriends will come over and we’ll try everything on. You’ll get a ton of free jewelry. I promise it will be super easy, not painful for you, and your friends will love it!

“I felt the same way! So you can imagine how fabulous Stella & Dot must be to make me change my mind. Once you check out the Look Book, I think you’ll love it! “

"What if people can't make it?"

“Not everyone you invite will make it – people are busy! It’s perfectly normal for only some guests to attend, but what’s most important is getting to connect with friends and try on great style.”

You’re working to help them get the hostess rewards and all the items on their wish list. Be lighthearted and make sure they understand that no matter what the trunk show is (5 people or 15+), that it’s going to be fun and worth your time and theirs to do the show.

"I don't know who to invite."

Help your hostess create her WDYK list. You’re inviting people over for a casual get together. Everyone wants to be invited. Include everyone.

“I had no idea either, but when I sat down to make a list, I realized there were lots of people I knew who would LOVE Stella & Dot! If I could help you brainstorm a list, would you be interested?”

"I'm too busy. Maybe some other time."

Acknowledge that they are busy. Everyone is busy.

“I understand! Who isn’t busy these days? That’s why our Trunk Shows are quick, 2-hour style sessions in the comfort of your home. When do you normally get together with your girlfriends? If we can plan a Trunk Show around that, would you be interested?”

"I am not sure I want to ask my friends to spend money. Or, My friends don't have money."

"I’ve done trunk shows for girls in college, girls right out of college, in x community and y community and everything in between. Trust me when I say that people are going to spend what they want to spend. Half of our line is under $50. There’s no pressure to buy. My goal is to share the style with your friends and make it a fun event for everyone."

"You could do a $50 and under trunk show and only display pieces that are < $50."

“Can you believe half of the line is under $50? It’s style for a steal! There’s no pressure to buy! My goal is to share the style with your friends and make it a fun event for everyone.”

"What if my friends have recently been invited to a Stella & Dot Trunk Show?"

Ask: did all your friends actually go to the show? if they didn’t, they’ll probably want to go to your show. If they did go to a show recently, I bet they didn’t get everything that they wanted and they can get those items at your show.

Give the analogy of shopping at Nordstroms. Do you only go there once a year? NO. You go a lot because there are sales or occasions come up that you need new style. We’re refreshing our collection multiple times a year, so what they saw at a trunk show 1 month ago or 1 year ago is different from the next show they are attending. Your friends can just come over and have a drink, there’s no pressure to shop, but I guarantee you that they’ll love the collection. We’ve been featured on Nashville, The Bachelor, Housewives of Beverly Hills, InStyle and _____ recently. Our pieces are irresistible, versatile and affordable. I bet you that you’ll be surprised by what your friends actually purchase! Your friends are coming over to hang out with YOU…the jewelry is just the icing on the cake.

“Fantastic! I’m so excited that the word is getting out. I bet some of your friends couldn’t make the other show and some didn’t get everything on their list, so they’ll come to yours.”

"My place is so small."

"Your friends don’t care how big or how small your place is. They just want to be with you. Cozy is better! We just need a space to set up the food and the jewels and we’re good to go. If they are adamant about not doing it in their home, then help them brainstorm an alternative location – local wine bar, restaurant."

What about co-hosting as an option? Suggest to her to partner with a girlfriend or with family member and have that person host the show at her home.

Ask for a referral.

You never know where your next trunk show hostess or Stylist will come from. If someone says no, feel free to ask for a referral.

“Thanks so much. Please let me know if you’re ever in need of some accessories. By the way, do you know anyone who would enjoy hosting a Trunk Show or be interested in becoming a Stylist?”

Are you in? Will YOU take action to help your business?

Let's cheer each other on and get 30 more on the books! Think of the momentum that will bring YOUR business! By adding shows, you're bringing in the cash--let's do this!

Give me a ring if I can help you!

Carrie McGraw

Star Director & Founding Leader