About Me S'more

By: Keegan Garrett

What is my name? What do I like to be called?

My name is Keegan Garrett, I like to be called Keegan.

When is your birthday?

My birthday is August 31

What class are you taking with me and why?

I'am taking environmental science, because i like to know how the environment affects me and how to tell different things apart in nature.

What do you hope to learn/do in this class?

I hope to learn more about the environment and how to tell different species apart.

How long have you been at Trent? What do you like most about it?

I have been at Trent for five years so far. I like the teachers and students at Trent and how they are friendly and will always make you laugh.

Are you a good student? why or why not?

I believe I'am generally a good student. Not the best student, for the fact i turned this paper in late, but i believe I'am a good student.

What do you want to do after you graduate from high school?

When I graduate from high school I will start college that summer to get the rest of my welding license and to get my diesel mechanics license and computer programming degree.

What is one thing on your "bucket list"?

One thing on my bucket list is to live life to the fullest and never let anyone drag you down or ruin your life, because you'll never get these moments back.

What do you do in your spare time?

Other than homework, I work, play guitar,drums, and piano. I also play games and listen to music.

What are some of your favorites? (animal,color,food,music,books,movies,etc.)

Animal-White tiger



Music-most all types, I do not like classical.

Books-The hunger games,Divergent, and Warriors.

Movies-Some of my favorite movies include comedy,action,drama, and christian.

What else would you like me to know about you?

I work hard in and out of school, I have three dogs, 20 gold fish, and a guinea pig. I have five sisters and one brother.