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Huge Erg Found in Sahara

Earlier in the week, a huge erg was found east of the Sahara. An erg is a huge area of shifting sand dunes. It was said to break the worlds record on biggest dune ever discovered at 245 ft.


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What is the oil money used for?

There have been many questions coming into the Middle East Headlines office. The main question is, "What is Libyas oil money used for?" We have the answer right here!

1. Imported foods

2. Build schools and Hospitals

3. Maintain a strong military

Thanks for the questions!

What is a Berber?

Many people have been using the popular website where you can look up your

Ancestors.with these results, many people have found that their ancestors where Berbers. What is a Berber? The Berbers were the first people known to live in North America. So if your related to one, that's pretty cool!

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