By: Jenna Daly

Acrostic poem

Acrostic poem- Friends

F-ight for you.

R-espect you.


E-ndure with you.

N-ever lie to each other.

D-on't want to miss you.

S-ee dignity in you.



The dancing Shoe,

Ran to the store.

Was hot pink.

Rhymed Couplets


Gabby Douglas did a back handspring,

Off of the beam, she may have springed.

But, instead she went off the vault,

Not what you may have thought.

She decided to do a back tuck,

The crowd gave her a surprising look,

And they chanted " Gabby Douglas!"

Blank verse

She went to the pool and swam all day.

She forgot her towel at home so she was very cold.

She swam until 4 pm.