Grade 6 Extended


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I have a dream...

A week when we became leaders. This week we focused much of our energy into preparing for the House Captain Election Day. We watched leaders from the past and present inspire crowds with amazing words and deeds. Throughout the week we have thought about the leadership qualities we possess as we attempt to win the hearts and minds of our House. Our election campaign is now in full swing. Speech writing, advertisement videos and posters filling corridors. It is a week like no other and we all plan to give it our best shot!

Virtue of the Week:

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Language Arts: Writing election speeches

Full steam ahead!

During this weeks Language Art lessons, the children have been preparing for the big election day. Our hook into learning was watching clips of famous speeches from the past and present, gathering inspirational phrases, ideas and techniques to help our own writing. Next, we focused on our opening paragraph. We soon realised this was the paragraph which would make or break our speech. We identified three key features to try and include, a personal story, a why or how question and if possible an astounding statistic. After the immersion stage, we read examples of speeches from last year's House Captains and began to plan our own. As our speeches began to grow, words from JFK, Ghandi and Obama found their way onto our pages. Next week we will practise delivering these speeches. With our peer partner recording we will have the opportunity to watch our performance and evaluate it as we edge closer to the big day. A special thanks to Nicolas Parrot this week, Mr Parrot joined our classrooms and helped us think about how we need to deliver powerful speeches to grab our audience. It was very inspiring!

Mathematics: On your marks, get set, GO!!!!!

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Week 2- SPEED

For the first week of school, the Grade 6 children worked on the speed of their long multiplication and division, subtraction of fractions involving regrouping and solving fraction questions with models. They had a week of revision on these topics before moving on to a new topic - Speed.

A short clip on Usain Bolt was shown to the children to aid them in relating what they would be learning in school to real-life situations. They even pretended as athletes and had a go at a ‘50m-dash’ activity in the school field. This activity required them to record their own time. Then, using the distance and time recorded, they calculated their own speed.

Let’s look forward to yet another interesting term of ‘Speed’ Mathematics!

Note: The Grade 6 children will have Mathematics homework on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Homework assigned will be due the following day.

IPC: Champions for Change!

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Leadership qualities have been at the full front of the children's minds, with the fast approaching House Captain elections. In line with speech writing that has currently been taking place in Language Arts lessons, the children have been looking at speeches made by great world leaders. From these speeches, the children have taken part in class discussions to generate an understanding of what it takes to be a great leader. As well as this, the children have maximised the opportunity to collect a bank of further speech enhancing techniques, to up level their current speeches.

Home Learning tasks: Week 2

Spellings (handed in Monday 19th January): this weeks spellings focus on the use of prefixes (auto-, tele- etc.). Children will need to practice the 12 given spellings and also complete the sentence and text level tasks.

Spelling test: Monday 19th January

Mathematics: Calculating average speed, distance and time based on given formulas

Writer's Notebooks (handed in Tuesday 20th January) : For this weeks homework, children will be brainstorming, planning and writing a persuasive text on trainers. Time allocations have been identified for the children, to help children spend the correct amount of time on each area.

IPC: Children to continue to complete and edit their Wevideos

Dates for the Diary

House Captain Election Day - Wednesday, January 21st at 8.30 am

House Mufti Day and House Captain Assembly - Friday, January 23rd at 1.15 pm

UES Optional PTC - Wednesday, January 28th 3.30 - 7. 30 pm (online sign up)

Global Family Festival - Thursday, February 5th

Telunas Service Trip - February 9th - 13th

Saint Joseph's Feast Day - Thursday, 19th of March

Telunas Preparation

Sports Equipment Donations Drop Off Morning from 7.45 - 8.15 am

Tuesday January 27th

Wednesday January 28th

Thursday January 29th

Top 5 Words/phases to learn this week

· please - silahkan

· thank you - terima kasi

· welcome - selamat datang

· good morning - selamat Pagi

· goodnight - selamat malam