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McDowell School News 12.4.15

What's Up?

Bus Duty
- 12/7-12/11
Standley - EW Office
Davis- Kickball field

Upcoming Week
12/8 - Morning Announcements at 9:10 on Channel 22.

  • PLEASE remember to have someone from your Pod take a walkie-talkie on the playground with you so we can contact you if we need a student.
(ie, when you are on the playground)

Coming Up
ELA AIR TESTS (see below)
12/16 - Staff Christmas Breakfast in Room C-11 at 7:45AM
12/17 - HOLIDAY SING-A-LONG @ 3PM in the gym - Sign up in the work room.
12/17 - Staff Christmas Party @ Kathy Matchinga's house
12/18 - Holiday Sing-a-Long @ 11:00AM in gym
12/18 - Classroom Holiday Parties @ 2:30PM
***If you arrange for any parents to come to your room party before 2:15PM, please notify the office so we can hold those parents who come in too early to rooms not wanting the "help" before 2:15PM.
Student's leaving with parents need to sign out in your classroom.
12/19 or 12/21- Teacher Records Day

This, that, and, of course, the other

  • ELA Testing Schedule:
    12/7, 12/8 - ELA AIR Make-ups
    4/26, 4/27 - ELA Reading
    4/28, 4/29 - ELA Reading Make-ups
    5/3 - AIR MATH
    5/5 - AIR MATH make-ups
  • As you know walk-throughs are a part of the evaluation piece and those have begun.
  • Many of you have asked, “When do we give the next iReady Diagnostic in Reading?” You can begin giving it any time between now and January 15th. Please make sure you have had 10-12 weeks of instruction (ideally 12) in between the Diagnostic #1 and Diagnostic #2. When you are ready, just assign it to your class and get started. Remember…once assigned, students need to complete the Diagnostic within 7 days.
  • · As you know, Teachers Records Day is Monday 12/21. You have the choice to work a full-work day on either Saturday 12/19 or Monday 12/21. For the purposes of McDowell and the other elementary schools, the school day will be 8:30-3:30. To date, we have had 14 people who have responded on the Google Doc. If you need to change your mind please use Chrome as your browser, complete the Google Doc/Form, indicate which day you will be working, and submit your work day choice by Wednesday 12/16. Thank you!

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Dani's former student came back to visit. Her birthday has the unmitigated gall to be the same day as Dani's!! What is really cool though is the picture of them celebrating their birthdays when she was in 3rd grade. She saved the picture all these years. One example of Dani making a difference in the life of a child and adult. I suppose I should add, Dani looks just the same :)