Miley Cyrus


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Beginning Of Life!!!

Destiny Hope Cyrus was born in Franklin Tennessee. She was born on November 23,1992.She got the nickname Miley because she smiled so much as a baby. Miley is the daughter of the country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. She also is the daughter of Trish Cyrus. Miley is the middle child. She has two half brother, one biologic brothers name is Brasion and one half sister, one biologic sisters name is Noah.

Earlier Of Life!!!

Everyone knows her as Hannah Montana on Disney channel. She started in 2006 on Hannah Montana.In 2007 she won the kids choice awards and the teen choice award for best actress. Miley first showed interest in acting at age nine. Miley is the richest kid.

what Miley Cyrus Likes!!

Miley's favorite color is pink.Her favorite sport is cheerleading .Her favorite food is Chinese.Her favorite song by her dad is 'Achy Breaky Heart'.Miley's favorite scent is vanilla. Her favorite book is Don't  Die,Love me by (Luriene McDaniel).Her favorite snacks are cookie dough and cashews.Her favorite kind of cookies are sugar cookies.Her favorite movie is "Steel Magnolia.Her favorite album is 'Breakaway' by Kelly Clarkson. Her favorite season is the Summer.

Who Miley Dated!!

Miley started dating Nick Jones at the age 14. After a week splitting up with Nick she admits with her ex ( Nick Jones).Ryan Seacrest wrote some of her songs for her. In March the couple split up.She also started dating Liam Hemsworth.Miley announced her engagment to actor and Hunger Game star Liam Hemsworth. The pair called it quit after four years together.