Scared of terrorism?

Need help with terrorism?

What is terrorism?

"A planmed action intended to cause death or serious harm to civilians with the purpose of achieving political change"

My ideas to solve terrorism

1. We could have cctv cams with face recognition capability

Because since we know what some of the main terrorists are we will be able to find out who they are and quickly arrest them.

Although this might stop people having privacy.

2. All bags must be scanned at airports.

Since of 9/11 we can scan all of the bags to see if they have any types of weaponry like a grenade.

Although making it longer check-in times and people might miss there planes.

We can stop terrorism!

We all know the stakes of not caring about this and it might lead to another terrorist attack but we can stop them if we work together.

we can do it together!

We can stop it


We can stop it.