Science concepts

By: Tricia

Newton Second Law of Motion

Newtons Second Law of Motion states that acceleration depends on the objects mass and the amount of net force applied to it. For example hitting a tennis ball with a racket will not go as far as a ping pong ball because a tennis ball is heavier.

Newtons Third Law of Motion

Newtons Third Law of Motion states that with every action force there is an eqaul and oppisite force. For exampe a person jumping on a trampoline, you are pushing down and the trampoline is going to push you back up.


Gravity is the force that keeps you from going up into space and never coming down. For example throwing a ball into space, the ball will never come backe because there is nothing pulling it down back to earth.

Mass and Weight

Mass and weight are not the same thing. Mass is how much matter an object can hold. Weight is how much gravitatinal pull there is on an object.
You use a scale to measure weight.
A balance is what you use to measure mass.


Momentum is the mass and speed of an object. This means the heavier the object is the faster it will go. For example a 5 pound ball will go faster than a 2 pound ball because it has more mass.

This is an example of momentum because the basketball will drop faster than the tennis ball because it has more mass.