Sickle Cell Disease

By: Reagan Lloyd Period 4


  • Also known as sickle cell anemia
  • It is a single gene mutation
  • first recognized by Dr. James B. Herrick in 1910
  • people with this disease mostly live until their mid 40's
  • passed from parent to offspring through genes
  • recessive trait
  • most common inherited blood disorder in the united states
  • effecting 70,000 to 80,000 Americans
  • mostly found in African Americans

What is it?

Sickle cell disease changes the red blood cell into a curved or sickle shape. This then can block small blood vessels. Red blood cells and oxygen then have a hard time getting through and into the rest of the body. This action then causes pain and swelling. It is caused by a mutation in the hemoglobin-Beta gene found on chromosome 11.

Support Groups?

There is a support group for sickle cell disease called ASCAA. Also known as the American Sickle Anemia Association. They provide services through diagnostic testing, evaluations, Counseling, and are supportive to people with the risk and who have the disease.