how do her actions affect Paul???


He felt sad yet happy to leave to Florida to leave his old memories.

But he seemed to enjoy the citrus smell of the tangerine groves.


Mom's choice to freak out and call the fire department for muck fire's near their new house was crazy.

Paul didn't know what to do and what to think,then mom was worried and they both felt a little stupid/dumb for what Wayne said about the information side of the muck fires in Tangerine county.

The Lake Windsor school sign up

when they first came in the office to introduce themselves mom already had a feeling of embarrassment and argument.

when they met the principle she told them that since hes a seventh grader all their classes are in the portables outside.

Apparently mom did not like it at all

Paul is ''handicapped'' and cant play soccer

mom wrote a IESP to say Paul has bad eyesight and the affect on paul on how he felt was bad after he had the meeting with Coach Walski he was crying uncontrollably

when he me his mom for comfonttration he was furious and they did argue and mom started to bawl

The truth of Paul's sight

mom and dad didn't tell him he found out himself.

mom had no words nor action but what she said was '' we were making sure you wont hate Erik''