Vietnam War

By Chelsea


  • Nearly 60,000 troops were sent to Vietnam.
  • The war began in 1955-1975.
  • In 1954, North Vietnam turned into a communist state and South Vietnam became democracy.
  • The war included Americans, the Americans supported the South Vietnam
  • The Vietnam war was the longest war the Americans which the U.S took apart.


  • The Vietnam war was the biggest defeat the U.S army has ever faced.
  • In 1975 after the americans left, the South Vietnam and the North Vietnam united and became a communist state.
  • The Vietnamese of Red River Delta deafeated their Chinese ruler.
  • In the end the Northern Vietnam won and the Americans had to leave.


  • The U.S army were joined to help the Southern Vietnam in the Vietnam war.
  • The Northern Vietnam won and the American left.
  • Early 10th Century the Chines were changing and the army was weak.
  • The southern Vietnamese were poor and miserable.