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November 13, 2015

News and Information

A Giant thank you to all of the family members and grandparents who attended Grandparent's Day on Thursday. The kids did a fantastic job on their reader's theater presentations and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with their guests! You will see some pictures posted below. I will post a few each week, so if yours isn't there yet, it will be soon!

Paper Grocery Bags Needed

Each child will need to bring a large PAPER GROCERY (orreusable shopping) BAG to school no later than Friday, Dec. 11. I line the bags up down the classroom and as I take down the holiday decorations they made I walk by and drop them in the open bags. The bag needs to be large, have a flat bottom and be able to stand up on its own. If you have a large collection of paper bags and would like to donate I would appreciate it. Thank you.


We continue focusing on the sequence of a story or steps in a technical or scientific process. We continue to work on fluency, vocabulary, phonics and phonemic awareness each day.

Reading Homework: practice the sight words and read the fluency passage each night. Return the fluency passage on Friday for it to count toward your child's reading grade.


  • counted a collection of dimes, nickels, and pennies
  • identified a line of symmetry
  • created a symmetrical design
  • added 2 digit numbers with no regrouping
  • addition facts- sums of 15, 16, 17 and 18
  • measuring to the nearest foot.

English and Writing

We had a retest on unit 2. The sub gave the test on Friday and the scores weren't what I was expecting so we did it again. The second set of scores were MUCH better. We actually are taking 2 tests for each unit. The book publisher updated our textbook and the new test is very difficult. We are giving that test (for unit 1 we did it together as a practice) and the test from the old edition. Hopefully between the two we'll get a decent average. We also started unit 3 by having a pretest.

In writing (after grandparent's day was over) we began working on writing directions telling a reader how to do something using time order words.

Spelling Words

cow how bow down town

couch four round around about

flower clown house mouse shout

frown brown mice downtown power

Homework Help and Hints!

As this semester ends, let’s look ahead to what is coming in the spring. The work is going to get more demanding and I will expect more out of each student in academics and behavior. Also, looking to 3rd grade, there is an assessment given to third graders in the spring called the IREAD 3. The State of Indiana is telling us that if students do not pass the 3rd grade test, they will have an opportunity for remediation in the summer. During that time, they may retake the test. If they still do not pass the test, they may be retained in the 3rd grade. This test has huge implications for all of us (students, parents and teachers) so we must all work together to make sure the kids are ready and reading at or above grade level by the time they leave 2nd grade. Please help by having your child read to you at home every night (if you need books, let me know and I’ll send some home with your child). This is something we are taking very seriously here at Converse, and I wanted each of you to be aware of this test. For more information go to, the Department of Education website.

Data Binders- Look for them Monday

Important Events


16 Picture retakes (this was rescheduled from Nov. 6)

18 Midterms posted in Skyward

25-27 Thanksgiving Break- no school


17 PJ day

18 Holiday Party/ End of 2nd Quarter

18-Jan. 4 Christmas Break