Glenholme School Newsletter

Week 5, Term 2, Thursday 3rd June 2021


Afio mai,

We had a wonderful day yesterday with our school cross country event at the Tree Trust. Our first huge thank you goes to Whaea Susan for her amazing organisation of the event and to Matua Andrew for his support setting up the course.

Thank you to the large number of whanau members who volunteered to be marshalls around the course and to those of you who came to support your tamariki in their races.

We also need to thank a small group of our wonderful Young Leaders who volunteered to stay at the event and support the children in Pukehangi Team when they ran in their races and then helped to pack up the equipment.

Last but not least a thank you to our tamariki who all tried hard and participated in the event. We will have a team of 24 going to the interschool Cross Country event on Tuesday 15th June at Whakarewarewa School. In the Newsletter next week we will have the final results for each age group and year level across the school.

Coming up on the 24th June there will be Paid Union Meetings for all teachers who are members of NZEI. These meetings are during the school day. Our teachers will all be able to attend these meetings without disrupting the normal school day for our tamariki.

Ngā mihi

Sarah Thompson

2021 Cross Country

Congratulations to all our tamariki who participated and competed in our annual School Cross Country yesterday morning! The student’s commitment and enthusiasm was excellent and contributed to the event being a huge success. We had a beautiful morning up at the Tree Trust and it was fantastic to see so many parents and whanau up there supporting and encouraging the tamariki. Those that placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the age groups 8 years - 11 years, will now go on to the Central Cluster Cross Country event (Interschool) on Tuesday 15th June. Those students will receive a notice about this event next week.

Thank you to our wonderful staff who supported the event and our Young Leaders Toakase, Verah, Jessicah, Emily, Stella and Eli for supporting the younger students on the course and helping Matua Andrew pack up at the end. A HUGe thank you to the parent/whanau/Big Brother and Big Sister marshals - Malcolm, Anthalene, Jae-Marie, Pete, Reenalyn, Dhirend, Nadia, Jenny, Andrea, Sarah, Scott, Mike and Becs for their help on the course - they were amazing! And finally another HUGE thank you to Matua Andrew for setting up the course and packing away everything at the end.

2021 Cross Country Results

12 Year Old Girls

1st Jahnal McLauchlan

11 Year Old Boys

1st Callum Daniels

11 Year Girls

1st Luka Maurirere

2nd Ma'ata Poafa

10 Year Old Boys

1st Te Tai Savage

2nd Eli Rogers

3rd Ux Aguilar

10 Year Old Girls

1st Stella Pomare

2nd Jessicah Ironside

3rd Ashtyn Hunia

9 Year Old Boys

1st Traye Conroy

2nd Troy Richardson

3rd Max Jensen

9 Year Old Girls

1st Tiana Wharerau-Smith

2nd Anna Samuel

3rd Karla Lazaro

8 Year Old Boys

1st Jordan Harris

2nd Noah Parton

3rd Patrick Nooana

8 Year Old Girls

1st Harper van der Vlugt

2nd Jordyn Haturini

3rd Ebony Reweti-Martens

7 Year Old Boys

1st Equal Kruz Schwass-Adlam and Robert McMurdo

2nd Nixon Sears

7 Year Old Girls

1st Demi Kiel

2nd Hinerangi Timu

3rd Paige Bedford

Year 2 Boys

1st Carter van der Vlugt

2nd Dominick Thomas

3rd Harvey Morgan-Stone

Year 2 Girls

1st Arie Macfarlane

2nd Equal Reegan Conroy and Aaria Hodge

Year 1/0 Boys

1st Thurston Timu

2nd Arlo Mason

3rd Bilal Gergoz

Year 1/0 Girls

1st Aaliyah Makiha

2nd Neriah Warena

3rd Awhi Ponini

Upcoming Events

  • QUEENS BIRTHDAY - Monday 7th June
  • Lakes DHB Vision and Hearing Testing - Wednesday 9th June
  • Photolife Sports Team Photos - Thursday 17th June
  • Board of Trustees Meeting - Tuesday 22nd June
  • End of Term 2 - Friday 9th July
  • Start of Term 3 - Monday 26th July
  • Academic Achievement Discussions - 4th-5th August
  • School Production - 29th September
  • School Production - 30th September
  • End of Term 3 - 1st October

Principal Awards

Awarded to students making exceptional effort and or achievement at school, therefore deserving of acknowledgement and recognition. Presented to recipients on Friday 11th June 9.15am.

Whakapoungakau Team

A1: Tiffany Briones is a hardworking, conscientious, and kind student. Tiffany is a hard worker and always ensures her work is to the best of her ability. Tiffany is a great leader around the school as she is always willing to help teachers and pick up different roles around the school. Tiffany always strives for the best in everything she does. A1 is lucky to have you in the classroom Tiffany. Ka pai o mahi Tiffany You are amazing!

A2: Katie Smith for being an excellent self-regulator who gives everything her all. Her learning independence has strengthened and she enjoys supporting others. Katie asks questions to ensure she understands her learning intention and success criteria and works efficiently to get tasks done. Katie has been doing some fantastic explain writing and understands what a compound and complex sentence is. Tino pai Katie!

A3: Dranrhym Basilio for being a goal focussed learner. Each school day Dranrhym enthusiastically comes to school ready to learn. He shows a high level of pride in the quality of work that he produces and is beginning to challenge himself to take risks in his learning. Ka mau te wehi Dranrhym, we are lucky to have you in A3.

A5: Chloe Francis is a sensible, hardworking, patient, and wonderful A5 learner. She is making excellent progress in Writing. She thinks carefully about the learning intention and strives to reach all the success criteria. She helps others willingly and can always be relied on to be on task, showing that she is a wonderful Self Regulator. Keep up with your amazing work Chloe, you terrific.

Tihiōtonga Team

B1: Emily Packham for starting to be a Risk Taker. You are beginning to challenge yourself in all areas of your school work and with support are prepared to try new things. You understand the importance of the Learning Pit and are beginning to find suitable solutions from your kete of strategies. Well done Emily. You're Tumeke!!

B3: Aaliyah Onekawa for continually displaying the School Values and Dispositions. Aaliyah is always helpful in the classroom and with other students. She has gained confidence to be a Risk Taker and loves to collaborate and work in a group. Aaliyah is developing fantastic leadership skills and always strives for excellence. Keep reaching for the stars Aaliyah, tino pai!!

B5: Oliver Long for excellent progress with his writing. Oliver is able to write well thought out detailed stories independently. He is spelling a much higher number of high frequency and interest words correctly and is able to make good attempts at solving tricky words. His handwriting is much neater and he is taking enormous pride in his work. Oliver, you are a writing superstar and Whaea Jodene really enjoys listening to your exciting stories. Well done and keep up the fantastic effort.

B7: Kaydence Albert is always the first one at school and comes with a beautiful smile on her face. She has a positive attitude towards her learning and always tries her best. Kaydence receives this award for being a Thinker and Innovator. Kaydence took it upon herself to wash the class cutlery and wipe down the placemats after our lunch meals. She does an amazing job organising the class and reminds the students where to put their placemats and cutlery. Well done Kaydence, you are a super helper in B7.

Pukehangi Team

A6: Japneet Kaur consistently displays our school value of Excellence. Japneet oozes creativity and consistently presents her work to a high standard. She has shown persistence in her learning this term, which has seen her make fantastic progress in literacy . Mrs Kiel is super proud of you Japneet.

Keep up the super star attitude!

B6: Olive Wiseman for being a happy, hardworking learner in B6. Olive listens carefully, joins in with all activities cheerfully and always does her best. She is reading and writing nicely on her own and can solve addition and subtraction problems independently too. Keep up the wonderful work, Olive. We love having you in our class !

C6: Charlie Holland for showing excellence in her learning. Charlie, you always work so hard to complete quality work, especially in writing where you are adding adjectives and verbs to your sentences to make them interesting to read. You are diligent and a risk taker, helping you make fantastic progress in your learning. Tumeke Charlie!

C7: Neo Pakoti-Low for putting a lot of extra time and effort into his Writing and Oral Language. You are being a risk taker and showing excellence. I am happy with the progress you are making in class and with your friends, Neo. Ka pai! Keep up the great work.

C8: Laetana-Rose Palmer-Riri for challenging herself in her learning. Laetana, it is great to see you trying new learning experiences and taking risks in your Reading, Writing and Mathematics. It is wonderful seeing you practising to write your name and learning the letters of the alphabet. Well done Laetana! Keep up the great work!

C9: Lucy Morgan-Stone for being a focused, motivated learner in C9. Lucy shows the Glenholme School value of Excellence by being a hard worker who is keen to progress up the learning progressions. She is making quick progress in all areas of the curriculum through her passion to learn. Keep aiming for excellence, Lucy!

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