Wind comes, power it becomes

By: Esteban Melendez

What is WIND ENERGY and how is WIND ENERGY produced?

The word "wind energy" refers to the process to which wind is utilized to produce mechanical (moving) electricity.

Wind turbines are used to transform the kinetic energy in the wind that is present into mechanical power, which has the opportunity to be directed to certain assignments. These certain assignments can include powering houses, schools, and etc.

Structure of a WIND TURBINE

Today, a majority of wind turbines have three blades and the turbine stands on top of a steel tubular tower where there can be just one 80 feet tall turbine and power a single home or there can be a wind farm that produces enough electricity to power many homes.

All turbines have a rotor, an electrical generator, a speed-control system, and a tower.

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What are the environmental impacts of wind energy?

There is little to no negative impact on the environment since it doesn’t release any greenhouse gases or pollutants. A negative is that the turbines produced much noise and many bats/birds have died due to flying through the blades. Another negative is that to plant wind turbines, abundant space is needed when it could be used for farming or etc.
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What are the economic impacts of wind energy? How much does it cost per kWh (kilowatt hour)?

Since the year 2008, the United States has funded about $100 billion into the wind industry. This may seem a lot, but this proves that the U.S. wants more energy produced by the wind and in addition, the cost of wind power has come down more than 90% since the 1980s. This means that those $100 billion spent by the U.S. government can now be used to produce even more wind power for our country. However, even if the prices have dropped, wind energy is still expensive as you can see by the $100 billion that were used to advance the industry forward.

Since the cost to produce wind power has declined by 90%, power purchase deals are now been inscribed between 5 to 6 cents a kilowatt-hour.

What countries frequently use wind energy? What percentage is it used in the United States?

The nations with the most wind power capacity are China, next in line is Germany and then the U.S.

About 4 percent of United States' electricity is from wind power.
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What are the most common applications for wind energy? Could wind energy be used in a family home?

Grinding grain, pumping water, power homes, businesses, schools.

Yes, it could be used in a family home.


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