Bearing Leadership Traits

By Matt Gould


A Characteristic where the leader must look and act the part. Confidence is a key component to this style of leadership. It is important to be cool under pressure and be patient with those around you. The goal of this leader is to be understood an if this goal is achieved in a confident manner then respect will surely follow.


Any person that wants to be respected as a leader must first dress and act the part. This is done by holding true to values and possessing a great deal of self confidence. This confidence should not be over powering, rather it should inspire hope and a feeling of stability to those around you. This is important because if one wants to be respected then they must first practice patience and confidence.

Herb Brooks

Was a very successful leader because he was well respected by those around him. He acted as a leader and was patient with his players forming them into a hockey powerhouse. He was understood and was able to convince a group of college athletes into the greatest team of all time.
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