Keep my song, sameness is coming

Centuries by Fall Out Boy

Why I Chose It

I chose this song because it's saying "You'll remember me for centuries,". The lyrics are really meaningful and that's why I like the song. It has very different pitches and makes you want to sing along. I like it because the lyrics are very interesting too and it is a very happy song. It's not depressing and it's kind of a memorial song, like what you would play at a funeral. It's saying even after I die you'll still remember me because I left such an impact. It is a great song and that's why I would choose it if I had to. Fall Out Boy is also my favorite band and their lyrics have a good meaning. It says that some people are remembered for a short time but you will remember them for centuries.


Du du du du-du du du
Du du du du du-du du du

Some legends are told
Some turn to dust or to gold
But you will remember me
Remember me for centuries
And just one mistake
Is all it will take.
We'll go down in history
Remember me for centuries
Hey, hey, hey
Remember me for centuries

Mummified my teenage dreams
No, it's nothing wrong with me
The kids are all wrong,
The story's all off
Heavy metal broke my heart

Come on, come on and let me in
The bruises on your thighs like my fingerprints
And this is supposed to match
The darkness that you felt
I never meant for you to fix yourself


And I can't stop 'til the whole world knows my name
'Cause I was only born inside my dreams
Until you die for me, as long as there is a light, my shadow's over you
'Cause I am the opposite of amnesia
And you're a cherry blossom
You're about to bloom
You look so pretty, but you're gone so soon


We've been here forever
And here's the frozen proof
I could scream forever
We are the poisoned youth


We'll go down in history
Remember me for centuries