The Rain Forrest

James Walter Austin


Locations of rain Forrest brazil,south east Asia,west Africa,United kingdom,Norway,Japan,New Zealand and southern Australia.

Rain Forrest characteristics

The rain Forrest is home to many different plants,animals and insects which have adapted to real hot , humid and wet enviornent such as bamboo all around the worlds largest grass used to make Japan's sky scrapers because it is real strong. Even black pepper was found in the rain Forrest also ginger, vanilla and coco.

Weather and climate

The average rain fall per year is (30-400) inches a year! And it stays around 70-85' F all the time even during winter.

Animals,plants and insects

Home to the rain Forrest are bearded pig, capybara, chimpanzee,common tree shrew.

Bearded pig also known as a wart hog who eats fruit as a main diet and lives in scrubs mangrove and swamp.

Capybara looks kinda like a beavers head with a dogs body but it spends most of its time in water and only eats plants and aquatic plant and some times nuts.

Chimpanzee is a part of the monkey family and feeds on plant,bark,nuts,eggs and insects and is one of the most in intelligent of all the critters in the rain Forrest.

Tree shrew is like a little mouse that hunts for small birds and insects such as spiders,seeds,buds,and mice but the shrew is really hipper like a humming bird never stops.

Plants of the rain Forrest

All of these plant have adapted to the rain Forrest

Human impact

Human impact is really bad in America because what used to be rain Forrest in now home to many people and business all most 40% of the land on the world was rain Forrest now only about twenty % is left and is still getting cut down.