We Beat The Streets

By: Julian DeMuro

Story Element Paragraph

The three main characters Rameck, Sam, and George who are brilliant young men who have to face struggles in life and pull through to become there dream of being doctors. The things through the story that motivates them through the story and is them wanting to become doctors and there school/medical school and most of all is each other and supporting each other and helping one when the other is down. I like these men there real inspirational and i understand how its a struggle to follow a dream and the cross between decisions and wanting to give up on it all. The men in he story were sometimes liked from the other characters in the story or not liked at all and were fooled from people and just plain racism but no different from us.

Character plot

The story of We Beat The Streets is about the lives of the 3 boys Sampson, Rameck, and George growing up and all the decisions they have made. Going on from there early ages on to there years in college and how they want to become doctors and show what they done to become doctors from certain point of views of each character.


The theme of the story was a biography of the 3 boys becoming doctors and like how friendship has brought them to there goal and never giving up. Following there dreams was a main part and the main topic of the whole book but it wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for there friendship and them meeting and making the trio pack and helping each other. To me this theme is all based on following your dreams and friendship.


In my opinion I would have to rate this book a 10 its amazing and really inspiring not to give up on dreams no matter how hard it may seem. Teens can actually relate to this they could have gone through a lot of things like they have and sill want to follow no matter how hopeless it may seem to them and have there friends help and support there decision and make it true.