Changes To 5th Grade

By Harshini


In middle school, we have to travel to our next class in less than 5 minutes. In 5th grade, we rotate with our homeroom classes. We shouldn’t do this , and should be assigned with teachers who teach our expected level. I think we should make these changes, because of the following reasons.

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One thing.Middle school. As I said before, we need to switch by ourselves next year. Why not practice now? This way, things will be way easier in 6th grade.

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The 2nd reason I thought of was that if we get assigned to different classes, not everyone goes to the same, and you will meet lots of new people. In life, you meet new people and have to learn how to work with them. I only know about 21 people out of all 61. THis change will allow me to meet the other 40.

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This way, you can also see your level of learning. You can be assigned to a teacher based on your level. For example, I’m not really good at science, so I might be assigned to a teacher who teaches science in a way that might help me. All teachers teach differently, so a teacher might help you improve where you need help.
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We might need extra help in Middle School. Not only for academics, but for Middle School itself. If we use these ideas, middle school will be a piece of cake.