Tech Theater By: John Bayolken

Five Important Sections of Tech Theater

Why Is Set Design Important?

Set design is a way for the designer to show off their abstract and unique skills while setting a mood for the audience. Set design had to be innovative and original in order to show the audience something the people haven't seen yet. Set design is another way of creatively telling a story and it's much more than a bunch of objects it has an important meaning behind it. It also provides the audience with context of the play and it should also have the attention of the audience.

Elements and Principles of Set Design

The elements and principles of set design revolve around concepts and is a combination of the balance of lights and sound, the lines that were used, the texture of the objects used, the shape of the props and things on set, the proportion and blending of everything in the set. These are the building blocks of design and altogether these will create an effective and astonishing set.

Lighting Design

Lighting design evokes an appropriate mood in the audience and is needed to set the time of the day and location. It helps in transitioning the focus from one part of the stage to another and it reinforces the style of the production. The objects can also be portrayed as flat or three dimensional. They would also blend the visual elements on the stage.
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Sound Design

The sound designer plans and provides the sound effects in a play and blends in music and sound noises in order to set the tone and mood of the play and the designer may create their own music for the play in order to create a sad or ominous effect. All the music and sounds combined and blended together at the end all together is all used to create a "soundscape"
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Costume design

Costume design is the envisioning of the overall appearance of the actors and people on set, the costume contributes to the overall artistic vision of the set designer and costume designer and the biggest parts of costumes are that they help portray social status, modesty, and provide visual interest to a character.
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