Rayna Lee Brooks

Music Education and Vocal Performance Double Major

All about me!

Who am I?

Rayna Lee Brooks, 19.
I am a unique medley of silly and studious.
I love people, animals, music, movies, jokes, and the color turquoise.
I enjoy using the word "halfrican" when people ask what I am...
I think I'm the funniest person in the world.
I have a knack for sarcasm, and I fancy myself a wordsmith.
I find joy in the smallest of things, and I love to make others smile.
My plan is to sing, laugh, and love my way through life, and hopefully make a mark in this world before I go.

I'm proud of the ones who raised me...

And I'm grateful for the friends who changed me.

My Favorite People (and one pooch)

My Passions in Life