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September 18, 2020

Welcome to Region 12 Schools!

The Region in Review serves as our biweekly celebration of schools. Through this platform, we will share our schools' stories. This electronic publication will be filled with pictures and articles to give you a look at our students’ lives, inside and outside of our schools, plus sports, arts, technology, and many other areas.

For those returning, thank you for all the effort and support you provided this Spring to make sure that our students, staff, and community were safe and cared for, and that our students were also educated during the height of Connecticut’s COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to adjust each day to respond to the needs of public health. We thank you for the trust you have in us.

Throughout this pandemic, we have harnessed the power of WE over the power of ME. Our students are helping one another stay healthy. We don our masks not just for ourselves, but for everyone in our community. Social distancing is socially responsible.

Region 12 staff and students enter into the school buildings with a heavy responsibility. We want to mitigate the spread of sickness. The social responsibility we feel now accompanies the educational pressure. Teachers and staff carry this new burden with grace and dignity. Region 12 staff members are doing an exceptional job!

Our students have adjusted remarkably well. With the help of cardboard hands, high fives can safely happen. With the help of pool noodles, tag can safely happen. With the help of utilizing our learning spaces differently, learning can safely happen.

Our first Region in Review publication this year is deviating from our typical publication format. Rather than sharing our stories in words, we are sharing our first day in film. ENJOY!

Megan Bennett

Regional School District 12

The First Day of School

The First Day of School

What Does It Feel Like To Be Back In School?

Elementary students and teachers at Booth Free, Burnham and Washington Primary Schools answered the question "What Does It Feel Like To Be Back In School?"

What Does It Feel Like To Be Back In School?

Return to Shepaug in the Covid Era

Digital Media students produced and published this piece to highlight the various aspects of returning to school and how we will continue to stay positive despite these new challenges.

Return To Shepaug In The Covid Era

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September 21 - Building Committee E-Meeting, 10am

September 23 - Virtual Open House at BFS, 6pm

September 24 - Virtual Open House at SVS, 7pm

September 28 - Long Range Planning Committee at SVS, 6pm

September 30 - Lifetouch Portraits at WPS

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