This is an example of a smore flyer

It's cool, but make sure your folks are okay with it!

Save the smurfs!

Smurfs are an endangered species in my house. I'm hoping, with Millicent's help, to free them from the restricted areas (a box in the basement) where they now live and once again allow them to range freely in the house. You can help! But you probably want to know why you should help first!

What can YOU do?


  • Write to Save the SMURFS at 443 Ring Road, Edmonton, AB T5Y 8E9
  • Sponsor a baby smurf. You can do this by donating $$$ to Foster a Smurf at
  • Reduce your overuse of plastic! Each plastic bag you use means less plastic to create new smurfs! Wash a lunch bag! Use cloth bags! Buy in bulk!

Mrs. K Save the Smurf Foundation