Merrill Elementary Math Update

March / April 2020

We are growing mathematicians this year!


  • Make sense of problems and persevere in their problem solving.

  • Attend to precision in their work.

  • Reason and explain their thinking.

  • Model and use tools to solve problems.

  • Look for structure and patterns to use in solving other problems.

There are 4 key components of our Bridges math curriculum:

  1. Number Corner: Daily calendar with lessons that provide a spiral of key concepts throughout the year.

  2. Problems and Investigations: Daily lessons done in class with the teacher.

  3. Work Places: Daily independent and partner activities that provide opportunities to apply, extend, or remediate new learning.

  4. Home Connections: Homework to provide practice of grade level learning goals; this will vary depending on grade level.

What can you do to support math at home?

  1. Talk positively about math with your kids (Even if you disliked it!).

  2. Inspire a growth mindset by asking questions focused on the idea of learning as a process and taking one step at a time.

  3. Ask your child to start with one thing they do know that might help him/her.

  4. Stick with it…...children need to see that math is not about speed, it’s about problem solving and figuring things out like a puzzle or video game.

Helpful videos from our Merrill Family Math Night

The Progression of Addition and Subtraction HD
The Progression of Multiplication HD
Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Pictures from Merrill Family Math Night: Games Make Learning Fun!